Application Areas

H-Cube's Hyperspectral Terahertz (h-THz) cameras are an innovative technology that offers a range of benefits and applications across multiple industries. These cameras use pulsed terahertz sources to penetrate opaque materials and record reflection delay, enabling non-contact, non-destructive testing without the need for coupling fluids. Here are some of the advantages and fields of application for H-Cube's h-THz cameras:

  • Coating inspection: Multi-layer coatings can be characterized in a non-destructive test without the need for coupling fluid. This allows for quick quality control in production lines and safety inspections in public and commercial settings.
  • Semiconductor packaging: H-Cube's h-THz cameras can monitor defects in packaged silicon chips, such as delamination areas and epoxy-rich regions, using THz scanning systems and time of flight information.
  • Drug manufacturing: THz absorption and reflection can optimize suspensions, characterize active compounds, and test the resistance of tablet coatings, making H-Cube's h-THz cameras useful in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food packaging: The non-destructive and non-ionizing characteristics of THz radiation make it ideal for inspecting food packaging, replacing x-ray scanning and avoiding the detrimental effects on biological agents.
  • Remote infrastructure monitoring/inspection: H-Cube's h-THz cameras can complement satellite information with 'ground truth' data by inspecting motorways or railways infrastructures, dams, bridges and buildings, crops, and forests.
  • Soil and crop monitoring: H-Cube's h-THz cameras are useful for monitoring transgenic seeds, irrigation levels, pesticides, harmful substances, heavy metals, foliage, flower and fruit evolution, and other factors that can affect crop growth.
  • Security: H-Cube's h-THz cameras can be used for bomb, chemical, and concealed threat detection at borders, airports, and port check points for both goods and people.

In addition to these applications, H-Cube's h-THz cameras have several advantages over other technologies. For example, they allow material-specific imaging, enabling specific material-tuned inspection across multiple applications with increased target-background contrast. They also offer non-destructive, real-time monitoring imaging, which is ideal for rapid quality control in production lines and safety inspection and monitoring in public and commercial settings. Finally, these cameras are practical, affordable, and easy to install, allowing for portable, widespread deployment and customizable detection features for specific applications. Overall, H-Cube's h-THz cameras are a valuable technology with numerous applications and benefits across multiple industries.