Collaboration with schools

On 2 November 2022, the H-Cube team responsible for collaborating with schools and led by the Partner of Salerno University was contacted by Professor Christine Thong, initiating a collaboration with a student team. This collaboration is still active and after a few design thinking phases, it aims to lead to greater awareness of the social role of technology and a better definition and market position for it.

The student activity is part of the ATTRACT programme, and H-CUBE is leading the collaboration with an intercontinental student project, the Student Project 8, named CBI A3 (Challenge Based Innovation A3). This project brings together master-level higher education students from universities across three different continents (Australia, USA, and Europe).

Within this project, more than one team of students chose to collaborate with the H-CUBE project. First, a project presentation sheet was drawn up and submitted, followed by the students sending a series of specific questions about the project, which were answered through a video and a PowerPoint presentation. Finally, an interview stage took place on 10 November, with a live link between the University of Salerno's laboratories of the H-CUBE project and Ideasquare at CERN.

After these three phases, the students selected H-CUBE as the project on which to start their design thinking process aimed at understanding the possible social spin-offs of the technology. This is only the first step in a collaborative process that will involve these two ATTRACT projects until next year. On the one hand, there is the technology development and market placement work carried out by HCUBE, and on the other hand, there is the CBI A3 student project, which aims to build a globally responsible generation of design innovators who thrive in addressing complex societal challenges using novel design methodologies.

With a focus on radical design innovation, the collaborative work with HCUBE and its development of THz sensors will play a critical role in the success of the project.